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Base Camp

So it has come up a number of times on how to use Base Camp to plan routes and results vary.  There seem to be a number of ways to accomplish this task and they can change based on whether you are a Windows or Mac user.

I think everyone is handy with creating routes via Google Maps and a lot prefer this method.  The challenge then becomes how do we get that nice route we just built on Google Maps to our navigation devices.......

I found a way that is more acceptable for me, but YMMV.  Instead of reinventing the wheel take a look at this article:

You don't get away from Base Camp, but route planning just got considerably easier.  The above article gets you to the point of getting a .GPX file out of Google Maps and then you can import that file into Base Camp.  I found that it come in as a Track rather than a Route.  Just right click on the imported Track and you should have an option to "Create Route from Track".  Once that's done you can send it to your device.

That's pretty cool.  I just tried a quick route and it exceptionally well.