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Close encounter with the deer population in Highland County Virginia

A deer hit me yesterday morning coming back from the Rally .

It hit my right leg and it took out my right panner. I'm ok but I need another panner. My bike is a 1998 RT. If any one has one laying around, please shoot me a text at (757)-735-3987. Thanks, Rich.

Oooh Crap!   Glad to here that YOU'RE ok!

I purchased a pannier set from Craigslist. It was advertised for the R bikes including my R1100RT. The set was actually off a GS1100/GS1150. Luckily the right pannier which is the one I needed fit my bike. Now I have a left pannier designed for the above listed GS models. If any one needs it, let me know. The price will be right. 757-735-3987.