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Dirt-bike Class

Here is the information about Xplor-Int’s dirt-bike class I mentioned at our last meeting.  The one-day class is held the first and second Sundays of each month in Nottingham, PA, just over the MD line near the I95 corridor.  My plan is to ride up Saturday, attend the class Sunday, and ride home Monday.  If the weather is unpleasant, I will drive.  The only date that works for me is 4/2.  It’s up to Xplor-Int whether I can get that date.  Classes fill quickly, and they try to segregate adults and children.  If we can bring five or six people, we can have a class to ourselves.  In this case, they will tailor the class to suit our experience; otherwise, this class is for people who have never ridden.

Their web site is  The site is not very clear, so I encourage you to call them with questions.  The $265 price includes dirt-bike rental and tax.

If you're interested, please RSVP to this post by 2/21 and I’ll try to reserve that date.

So looks like bike rental is only $15 based on what I could see from their website.  $250 for the class when you bring your own bike, or am I missing something?

I already replied to this, but I don't see it.  Anyway, I called them, and they said that the class, bike and tax is $265.  I didn't ask the price without a dirt bike.