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Tire Mounting

Okay, so my ego has overridden my abilities.  Mounting TKC80's on the GSA, I have enough "grunt" to mount the tire.  My issue is I can't get the bead to seat.  I am using a small "pancake" compressor, not much CFM.  Any one have something in their bag of tricks, that may be of help?


Jon Champion

You can run a ratchet strap around the center of the tire and cinch it down.  This should provide enough of a seal for your compressor to build up pressure and seat the bead.  If that doesn't work you are welcome to bring them by my house and use my compressor.  It's old like me and blows a lot of air..... 😉


Thanks Mike!  And congratulations on the 10 pounds of water wight loss today.  Nothing epic, but a fail none the less, just couldn't force enough air to seat the bead.  Any one else have a sage comment or wisdom to add.


In closing, went to supplier off of Cleveland Street in VA Beach.  They had difficulty as well.  Mike and I had observed some depressions in the rear tire bead, left from the banding used in shipping.  After a hour fight with the tire, the supplier, sent me packing home, they kept working, let the tire sit in the sun to soften. I retrieved the mounted tire about 3 hours later, mounted and ready to go.

Once again thanks for your assistance Mike.

r/ Jon